Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance Camera
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Protect your home or business today by installing surveillance cameras.

ALLIED can install systems that allow you to view any area of your home on your tv, computer, Ipad or smartphone. Cameras can be installed inside a nd outside. Special features such as IR illuminators and intensifiers allow cameras to record night time activity.iPad_Video_Residential_hi

Some of our cameras are IP based and they store their video on a distant server for security and retrieval from anywhere in the world.

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) records activity and allows you to playback video to review for a particular situation. Similar to a DVD player you can jump directly to a specific activity by entering the time and date. DVR’s have many different settings. For instance you can set one camera to record only motion activity while another can record 24 hours a day. To save hard drive space most installations are set for motion activity. Cameras can be set to not record certain areas as well so you’re not recording, for instance, a busy road and only the activity the camera was design to view.

To view a DVR over the internet you will need a high speed internet connection at the location as well from the computer you are viewing from. A back up battery is good to have on the system to help keep the DVR up during power outages. Surge protection on outdoor cameras is a good choice as well.

Interactive Security

Our patented security and interactive technology provides best in class protection and the ability to monitor your property 24/7

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Commercial Security

Fire Alarms, Access Control, Cameras, and Interactive Systems for any Business

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Builder Services

Our experience with builders spans decades and offers complete wiring, central vacuum, and home automation systems

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