Allied Burglar & Fire Alarms Inc

James Neeley (Jimmy) believes smart phones and other advances in consumer technology products are “game changers” for the security systems industry.

Neeley taught construction management at El Paso Community College and later worked as a building inspector in Ruidoso before founding Allied Burglar & Fire Alarms Inc. in November 1989.

“The security industry was a good fit for my skill set and I saw an opening in the Las Cruces market.”

In the early days of his business, he ran a one-man shop.

“I used to keep two sets of clothes in my car – dress clothes for making sales calls and work clothes for service calls and installations.”

Allied Burglar & Fire Alarms Inc now has nine employees and installs and services security systems for residences, offices, and retail stores.

The company specializes in “remote access” security products from Honeywell, Hik Vision. These devices allow clients to interact with their systems via laptop or smart phone. Moreover, the devices do not require a building to have a land-based telephone line.

Among other things, remote-access security devices can send text message alerts to the client when a system is disarmed, send clips of surveillance video to a client’s email and control a building’s thermostats.

“With these devices you can monitor your property and know who is there, 24 hours a day ”.

Besides the advances in security technology, the security systems market has changed in other surprising ways,

“Twenty-three years ago, only rich people could afford security systems and cameras, Now, almost everyone can afford it.”

Also, the business security system market has expanded. In the past, only businesses that kept inventory on site were interested in security systems, he said.

Now that virtually every company relies on computer hardware, all businesses should have a security system for their property, he said.

“You have to protect your hardware from theft, tampering, and sabotage,”.

Allied Burglar & Fire Alarms Inc has a customer-centric business philosophy, I offer true 24-hour service.

He lists his personal cell phone number on his business card and his home phone number in the phone book.

“I want your business at 3 in the afternoon and I want your business at 3 in the morning.”

The customer-comes-first business philosophy is another reason why Allied Burglar & Fire Alarms Inc sells Honeywell security products. Unlike many other security products on the market place, Honeywell’s, Hik Vision products can be serviced by any security company.

Most security devices have lockout codes that allow the original installer to render the systems unusable should a customer change companies. “Honeywell, Hik Vision products do not have lockout codes and can be serviced by any company. The customer owns the equipment, not the original installer.”

After more than two decades in the industry, Neely has retained his enthusiasm for the security systems business.

“I will never get tired of this.  Every day is rewarding.”

It is my perception that the ALLIED alarm system is your first line of defense. If you are aiming your residential cameras to ‘catch’ someone or at knucklehead neighbors and end up in the Criminal Justice System, you may not get the desired results. If you purchase cameras for informational, safety and/or deterrent purposes, you may get the results you want. To view cameras remotely, a high speed internet connection is required. In area currently, COMCAST is the only provider.

The main reason ALLIED has not promoted wireless residential camera systems such as RING or NEST or others is the advice of our camera vendor, Hik Vision: the stucco &/or stucco wire netting reduces the wi-fi signal strength and operational consistency. Which would result in client frustrations, complaints and meaningless service calls. ALLIED does install IP, hard wired cameras residentially; and many people have had them for years. Recently three exterior IP cameras were in my residence at 2828 Diamond Springs Drive, when I knew I would be in & out this summer. If you go by my house after dark you can see the infrared illuminators; pretty cool, obvious for those interested parties. I have the results I wanted. ALLIED installed camera systems have an optional service plan that insures continual operation.

FYI: ALLIED has & does install & program RING or other systems purchased by ALLIED clients. If you purchase it, ALLIED can install & program the device(s) without the service support.